French Curriculum

PES in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise, Rouen-Normandie proposes to
collaborate with schools for setting up their French Curriculum in order to make it a complete
course that promises the overall development of a student.

Get your school’s French Curriculum set by Alliance Française, Rouen, France and Prayatna Educational Society, India Prayatna Educational Society is a Non-profit organization,established in 2003, with the motive to promote French inIndia in association with Alliance Française, Rouen,France, through different activities and by improving thestandards of teaching French in India.

The schools oftenface a lot of problems while making decisions regarding the language teaching like selection of a good teacher,continuous evaluation and certification of not only thestudents but the teachers as well to ensure that they bothare evolving at the same time, and that the teacher is capableof giving to the students what they need for ahealthy overall learning.

In its continuous endeavors to improve the quality ofteaching of French language, PES and AF, Rouen proposeto collaborate with the school in the making of its' Frenchcurriculum. The school will certainly be able to write onits brochure and the curriculum, that the French curriculumis looked after by Alliance Française, Rouen. Franceand Prayatna Educational Society and will be able to use their logos as well.

Associate with Prayatna Educational Society andAlliance Française, Rouen for yearly curriculum.

With the collaboration between the school and us, we will assist and takecharge of improving the quality of French learning in the following ways:

- Students' Competitions (Refer below to ConcoursRomainRolland )
- Students examination
- Cultural competitions (Refer to IFC)
- Teachers' Training (Refer to Journee FLE)
- Teachers’ Evaluation (Refer to TAEFI)
- French Curriculum (books, study material, FA and SA)
- Educational Trips to France (Refer to Educational trips)

Why set a Curriculum with us?

Setting up a yearly curriculum will help school to maintain equilibrium between academic and extra-curricular activities in French just as in othersubjects. A set curriculum for all branches will enable the schools to haveuniformity in the teaching and the examination pattern. Usually in theschools, the teachers choose the content as per her convenience, teachesin her own way, prepares the exam as per her will and grades the studentsin her own way (strict or lenient). A common system will help eradicatethis subjectivity of teaching.