Educational Trip to France

PES organises educational trips to France and other francophone countries for school and
college students through out the year. Many schools have already experienced with us this beautiful cultural journey, full of learning experiences.

Educational trips to France are affordable and provide an incredible range of learning opportunities. Whether your group is studying the French language since a long or have just started, France will leave your students feeling inspired and enthused.

For years we've helped teachers and students discover France through culturally immersive educational travel. Through experiential learning they gain new perspectives, develop important 21st century skills and become true global citizens—all at the guaranteed lowest price.

Learning experience
1. French classes

The most interesting part of the trip is learning French in Alliance Française, Rouen. Friendly and helpful teachers make learning French so much fun through various activities, songs, role plays etc.

2. Cultural Learning

How best can a culture be learnt and understood if not by experiencing it. The students experience the French culture and way of living by observing things around them, at Alliance Française, in the family and wherever possible. Our guides ensure that nothing is missed.

3. Host Families

The other important aspect of the trip, which makes this trip truly an educational one, is the stay in the French families. The host families allow our students to have a complete immersion in the French culture and life. The families are very warm and welcoming and look forward to have students through PES. They surf Internet to look for Indian recipe, supermarkets for Indian products and spices and try their hand on these dishes to please the students. The students, on their part, try to use the French learnt during the morning classes at the dinner table. The loving families forge an everlasting bond with the students.

4. Historical Learning

Rouen is a historical city. PES has chosen this city for several reasons but most important is its historical value. Students will not just learn French, French culture but also French history when they will visit the statue of Jeanne d'Arc and other historical place.

Sharing experience

“The people, culture, food, French classes, and arts – it all conspired to make a magical and unforgettable trip! Thank you!”

“I was delightfully surprised to experience far more with a group than I ever could have on my own. Plus we had special access to many interesting venues that I wouldn't have known about on my own.”

“The organization was amazing – from every visit, guide, meal, and museum – I felt like we didn't waste a minute. And we had time left over for us also to reflect on what all we are learning.”

“The guides are what made this trip superb. Their insight brought us back in time and we really envisioned what life was like back then. It was wonderful discovering the country through a different eye which is not available to the tourists.”

“Our group had a fantastic dynamic – we were all on a journey together to learn and explore. Our knowledgeable guide and efficient tour manager made sure every detail was attended to so we could focus on full immersion. The presence of Preeti ma'am throughout the trip was an asset. She shared her knowledge, her experience and it was astonishing to see how well she knew the country. ”

“I was delightfully surprised to experience far more with a group than I ever could have on my own. Plus the trip was special because of the interesting French classes. The families were awesome; they took care of us like our parents. We can never forget them”

“The trip was life-changing – not only did we have the opportunity to learn about other culture, we gained so much insight about ourselves as well. Moreover I speak French with confidence now.”

“Every single detail was worked out on the trip from the beginning to end – we didn't have to think of a thing except showing up. And each day that unfolded before us was amazing.”



Prayatna Educational Society organizes Educational Trip to Canada in collaboration with Bureau du Québec, Mumbai. In year 2018,
a student immersion program was organized in Ottawa in collaboration with Carleton University, Ottawa. This was an opportunity for the school students to experience University life in Canada and experience its education system from close. The students also received a certificate by the University. As part of the programme, students attended classes in the University Campus. Prayatna Educational Society has collaborated with
Quebec Government Office (Bureau du Québec), Mumbai for Educational Trips to Quebec and also for French Word Power, a French language competition with a quiz on Quebec. Organizing the Educational trips to Quebec is an initiative to develop interest in
Quebec among the students learning French in India.

Schools which have travelled with PES so far:

Heritage School, Rohini
Sneh International School, Delhi
Venkateshwar International, Dwarka
Adarsh Public School, Delhi
Anantramjaipuria School, Vaishali
Rotary Public School, Gurgaon
Summerfields School, Gurgaon
Sapphire Intl. School, Noida
Strawberry Fields School, Chandigarh
Carmel Convent School, Chgh
Millenium School, Panipat
Millenium School, Kurukshetra
MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur
Step By Step Intl. Sch, Jaipur
SawaiBhavani Singh School, Jaipur
Symbiosis School, Pune
D.P.S Whitefield, Bangalore
Jatindera Greenfield School, Ludhiana
Mount Litera Zee School, Moga