About Prayatna Educational Society

Prayatna Educational Society is an NGO reputed for its quality services
in the field of French language education.

Who are we?

Prayatna was created is 2003 in Delhi under the aegis of Preeti Bhutani who is a renowned personality in the field of French Language and has authored many books in French.

Since more than a decade, PES has been promoting the French language and the culture. Prayatna has build up its reputation over the years through its quality services in the field of learning and teaching French.

Prayatna is a renowned organisation in India working in the domain of French language, connecting schools, teachers and students from all over India and giving them ample opportunities to discover France, French culture and language. More than 5000 people every year participate in different cultural activities organised by Prayatna Educational Society.

What is Prayatna Educational Society?

Prayatna Educational Society is a non-profit, which is established in India with three essential objectives:

1. Propose to improve the quality of learning and teaching of French in India.
2. Help students and teachers discover French culture through educational trips to France and francophone countries.
3. Enable the Indian students to have an edge with the foreign students.

Educational Trips to France

Our partner in France
L'Alliance française Rouen-Normandie

The Alliance Française of Rouen-Normandie is an independent body, member of International network of the Alliance Francaise. The AFRN, reputed for its quality of teaching and in training in didactics, obtained the label Qualite FLE from French ministry of national education.

PES organises educational trips to France, Concours Romain Rolland, TAEFI etc. in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Rouen. The President of PES, Ms. Preeti Bhutani and the director of the AFRN, Mr. Bruno Duparc have been working together over many programmes with the common objective of promotion of French language in India.